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With a broad reach and extensive network, we provide comprehensive insights and analysis that go beyond borders, offering a global perspective to our clients.

Our services are global in nature, covering a wide range of territories. Specifically, for in-depth analysis and on-demand intelligence, we focus on English and Spanish-speaking countries, Europe, Russia, former Soviet countries, the Middle East (including Iran, Turkey, Israel, Arab-speaking countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan), and China. This tailored approach ensures that our clients receive thorough insights and expertise in these regions, while our general services are available worldwide.

Black Hole Grid

Scope of Services

Official Data

  • Incorporation details

  • Director & Shareholders

  • License verification

  • Membership verification

  • Good standing

  • Tax situation

  • Financial situation

  • Court decisions

  • Law enforcement orders

  • Sanctions

  • Public designations

  • Disqualifications

  • Restrictions

  • Property check

  • Other local data check

Virtual Footprint

  • Social Media Activity

  • Social Circle

  • News appearance

  • Opinions & Reviews

  • Linked persons/entities

  • Advertisements

  • Domain check

  • IP address check

  • Phone & Email check

  • Cyber-threats

  • Fraud signals

  • Crime analysis

  • Files check

  • Data breach check

  • Other available data check

On-demand Intelligence

  • Know your Partner

  • Know Your Customer

  • Know your Competitor

  • Know your Freelancer

  • Know your Employee

  • Risk Report

  • Business Dossier

  • Personal Dossier

  • Brand Analysis

  • Due Diligence

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Market Insights

  • Regulatory Insights

  • Local Consulting

  • Local Detectives

  • Other OSINT services

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