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Make your decisions informedly & be on the safe side

Stay Informed, Stay Secure. Golden Owl™ – Your Trusted Partner.

Online Fraud Investigation

Our Online Fraud Investigation service involves thorough and expert-led examinations to uncover the truth behind online scams and frauds. Protect yourself from digital threats and ensure your peace of mind.

Pre-investment Investigation

It encompasses comprehensive analysis using open-source intelligence (OSINT) to provide businesses and individuals with actionable insights. Make informed investment decisions by assessing risks, identifying opportunities, and verifying information. Secure your investments with confidence.

Real Estate Intelligence

It involves harnessing the power of intelligence to provide valuable insights in the real estate sector. From property assessments to market trends and potential risks, we help you make informed decisions about your real estate ventures. Unlock a wealth of data to navigate the property market with confidence.

Social Media Intelligence

It entails harnessing the wealth of information from social media platforms to provide valuable insights and analysis on social media accounts and their activity through our Social Media Intelligence service.

Secure Dealing with Foreign Entities

It entails comprehensive information about foreign companies, their reputations, associated risks, and other crucial factors, ensuring a secure deal and safeguarding you from potential deception. Our Secure Dealing with Foreign Entities service for individuals is designed to empower you with reliable insights for confident decision-making.

Missed Person Investigation

We analyze digital footprints and other data, applying a variety of techniques and collaborating with international entities, in order to ensure a comprehensive investigation process. This service is designed to help individuals reunite with their loved ones by leveraging advanced technology and global cooperation.

Worldwide Private Detectives

We collaborate with a network of worldwide private detectives, combining their expertise with cutting-edge technology and methodologies. This service is tailored to individuals seeking to uncover hidden truths, resolve personal matters, and gain valuable insights with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Global Consultancy

Our global consultancy service provides individuals with expert insights and guidance on international business ventures, legal matters, and more. With a deep understanding of diverse jurisdictions and markets, our consultants offer valuable advice to navigate complexities and make informed decisions in a global context.

On-Demand Investigation

Our on-demand investigation service offers individuals the flexibility to address specific concerns or uncertainties quickly and efficiently. Whether it's verifying information, uncovering hidden details, or gaining insights into a particular situation, our experts are equipped to conduct targeted investigations tailored to your needs.

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